How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

How To Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition which one’s skin gathers fats under it to give it a dimpled, lumpy look. It is most visible on buttocks, thighs and stomach. Many women are affected by this condition and want to get rid of it.

Here are some ways you can reduce cellulite with treatments, change in lifestyle and with skincare products.

Change Your Diet

Eat Vegetables And Fruits

Adding vegetables and fruits to your diet can have a number of healthy effects on your body; one of which is reducing cellulite. Vegetables and fruits have high level of water present in them which can keep you hydrated while filling up your stomach. You can eat raw vegetables like carrots, salad greens, broccoli and others. These raw vegetables provide you with water, nutrients and antioxidants. Add them to your daily diet, and you will soon see the reduce in your cellulite level.

For breakfast, you can have a spinach smoothie. It will give you the energy, and it will also add vegetable and fruit to your breakfast. For preparing it, mix a cup of spinach, a cup of almond milk, kiwi or strawberries and half banana in a blender.

Stay Hydrated

Water makes you look fresh by renewing your skin cells. Keeping your body hydrated with fluids will shade the cellulite appearance. You should drink eight glass of water daily to supply your body with all the hydration it needs. Start your day with drinking a glass of water before you eat your breakfast or take tea or coffee. Also, always carry a filled water bottle with you. This way you will not miss your daily task of drinking 8 glass of water.

Eat Meals Containing Omega-3

One trick of hiding the cellulite is by eating foods like nuts, fish, olives, avocados and olive oil which contain omega-3 fatty acids. By eating these meals, you can get healthier skin. If your skin is healthy then the cellulite will not be as noticeable as before.

Stay Away From Food That Can Increase Cellulite

What you eat can determine your cellulite level. Stay away from food that retain water or increase weight. You can simply avoid these foods to prevent increasing your cellulite.

  • Canned soup, dips and dressings have high level of salt which can retain water in your body.
  • Soda, candy and baked foods have high level of sugar which can increase your weight.
  • Alcohol can retain water and also makes you gain weight.
  • Other foods that increase cellulite are packed snacks like potato chips, pretzels and fried foods like onion rings, French fries, friend chicken.

Start A Workout Plan

Weight Training

Weight training is an effective way of building up your muscles. When you increase muscle mass, fat under your skin causing cellulite will lose its appearance.

You can buy a gym membership where a professional trainer can help you with weight lifting. You can learn to lift heavy weights over time which is better than more reps of light weight lifting

High Intensity Exercises

High intensity exercise combine with weight lifting can increase your strength, muscle mass and make you look toned. When all of your body is tuned, your cellulite will not be as visible as it was.

Here are some exercises you can do:

Outdoor Sprints

Sprint for ¼ mile outside. Measure the distance exactly and perform 4 sprints with 20 seconds rest in between. Once you get better at it, increase the number of sprints you perform.

Indoor Sprints

If you don’t have a place for sprinting outside your house then you can do it indoors. Set your treadmill to fast speed and sprint for 3 minutes. When you start getting better at it, increase the speed more.

Bike Sprints

Ride your bike uphill as quick as you can for few minutes.

Skincare Regimen

Spray Tan

An easy way of disguising cellulite (treatment) is by using spray tan to even the color of your skin. Use a spray tan which has darker shade than you skin. You should apply in to your whole legs rather than the area where you have cellulite.

Dry Brushing The Skin

You can brush your skin with a dry brush to get rid of toxins and improve your blood circulations which reduces cellulite. Make dry brushing a habit in the morning:

  • Use a natural fiber made brush.
  • Always remember that your body should also be dry when you use the brush.
  • Make sure you are not sweating.

While brushing your body (like thighs, buttocks, arms), all your movement should be towards your heart to encourage the lymphatic flow. Move from lower body to the upper. Use clockwise movement for brushing your stomach. Once you have finished brushing your body, take a bath to wash away the dead skin cells and other impurities from your body.

Skin Tone

You can make your skin look toned to hide the appearance of cellulite. Although it gives you temporary effects, but it works nonetheless.

Also, find out the best creams to treat your cellulite.

Don’t bath in hot water, use cool or lukewarm water. When you use cool water to take a bath, it’ll make your skin look toned. Skincare products that contain caffeine are good for hiding the appearance of cellulite. You can find many products in the market like lotions and creams which can help in toning your skin. These skincare products are especially designed to help you in reducing cellulite.

Professional Treatment

Body Shaping Treatment

Body shaping treatment involves the use of radio frequency energy, massage rollers and laser to break down the fat deposits. This gives you a more toned and tighter looking skin.

Injectable Treatment

This method involves injecting a formula in your skin that can make it appear even. Depending upon its effectiveness, it can break the fat deposits under the skin.

Don’t Do Fat Removal Surgery

You can lose fat with the help of liposuction or fat removal surgery, but they may even further increase the cellulite appearance by making the tissues uneven under the skin.

Remember you can reduce your cellulite appearance, but it is very hard to completely get rid of it.

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