How To Reduce Breast Size

 Reduce Breast Size

Workout For Decreasing Breast Size Without Gaining Muscles

If you like to reduce your breast size without gaining up muscles then you can follow these simple strength training and aerobic exercises. These exercises focus on burning your body fat, so you don’t add up additional muscles when you perform them. Stay away from lifting heavy weights to burn body fat as it will bulk up your body at same time. Follow these steps to learn how you can reduce fat in your chest (for men’s chest, please go here) by doing exercises.

  1. Use light weights to perform lifting exercises and do high reps training. This helps you in gaining strength, endurance and burning fat all without gaining up mass. Perform exercises like flyes and bench press with hand weights. Use appropriate weight which you can lift and can perform 12 to 15 reps with.
  2. Best time to do exercise is in the morning. Workout before breakfast in the morning helps in losing weight. You can lose more fat this way. Eat your breakfast after an hour of your workout.
  3. After you have done your weight lifting exercises, follow it up by doing 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. This helps to burn even more fat and reduce breast size.
  4. You should take out 30 minutes for steady paced aerobic exercise to perform 5 -7 times a week. Running or elliptical trainer are a good choice. Perform your exercises at a fast pace.
  5. On the days you are not doing the steady paced aerobic exercises, perform aerobic interval training. Interval training is more effective and fast at burning body fat as compared to moderate paced exercises; it takes a lots of energy and puts lots of stress on your body. You should perform it only 3 times a week with proper rest. Perform your aerobic exercise at fast pace then walking pace. Your fast pace should be 30 – 60 seconds long and your walking pace should be 2 times more than your fast pace.


Always consult your doctor before starting a workout plan.

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