Exercise Or Surgery To Reduce Breast Size

Exercise To Reduce Breast Size

Women with big breasts (natural or boosted with help from a plastic surgeon) carry a great weight on their chest. They may look and feel amazing but with age, they put pressure on the spine and end up having neck and back pain. It’s some kind of price women with a large breasts have to pay for the fact that they attract people’s attention wherever they go.

Besides all sorts of bras, there are two other solutions to this problem: one quick but pretty risky and one that takes longer, but it doesn’t involve any risk. The solution without risk is to exercise and follow a good diet plan. There are exercises specially designed to reduce the size of your breasts naturally and diets that can take away your back pain. You should start with the diet as the tissue in the breasts is mainly fat. This way if you reduce your entire body fat, your breasts will get smaller too. Many women who went on a diet observed that their breasts were the first to show signs of getting slimmer. All you have to do is find the right diet to burn your fat tissue.

Let’s not forget about the exercises! You need exercises that challenge your metabolism to lose fat, and cardio is amazing at this. Jogging, spinning, walking, riding a bike, using an elliptical machine and others are your best friend during this period.

Depending on the size of your breasts, you should focus on low impact cardio; if you are blessed with huge boobs it’s really hard to try jogging or jumping, the ladies won’t be happy at all. A daily cardio routine of 45 to 60 minutes will help you see the results from your body.

The quick and risky solution is a breast reduction surgery. For this one, you’ll have to find a very good plastic surgeon that will walk you through the process, so you can better understand what is about to happen. The basic process of this type of procedure is simple: the surgeon removes the fatty tissue and skin in excess from your breasts and in the end, readjusts the nipples so that the breasts still look normal and fabulous. You have to know that there are serious risks like: scars, infection, other side effects from the medication and the possibility of a breast being visibly smaller etc. All you have to do is to take your time and think about this procedure before you make the final step.

When you compare these two solutions, it seems a little better to try exercises than having surgery. It’s more natural and less risks than the surgery. Still there are cases when exercising could take too long or it’s not showing the results you want. If that happens, you might decide for surgery. Whichever solutions you decide to follow you have to be informed and know the risks it implies.

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