Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction

Jennifer Connelly is the actress we’ve all admired her in movies like Requiem For A Dream (2000), A Beautiful Mind (2001) and The House Of Sand And Fog (2003). She has even been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and even won an Oscar.

There was a rumor that she got a breast augmentation surgery to get to a D cup in her early career, but it was never proven to be true. However, her breasts recently seem to have reduced to a B cup. Perhaps, She decided to take this step because of the problems big breasts bring: back and neck pain.

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Jennifer is a very talented and beautiful actress, and she didn’t need big breasts in order to attract people’s attention, so the rumor about her having implants is unfounded. Actually Jennifer is the kind of woman where improvements seem totally unnecessary and even more, unwanted.

As Hollywood is the birth place of all rumors, there are some people who seem to believe that Jennifer Connelly breast reduction is not due to any surgery but to massive weight loss. Still she never was fat and it’s quite impossible to only lose weight in your breasts (naturally). The only explanation is a breast reduction surgery.

To reduce your breasts through surgery isn’t a wise decision, because there may be side effects like scars, infection etc. If you were to reduce your breasts, the best ways are doing workouts and good diet plan.

Even if Jennifer doesn’t have her big, round and perky breasts anymore, she is still one of the best paid actresses at Hollywood. She is a true lesson for women and young girls out there who still believe that big breasts (alone) can boost your way to success. You have to be talented and to work hard to get on top, and it really doesn’t matter if you are a D cup or a B cup.

Jennifer Connelly’s breast stories are entirely based on rumors as the actress never officially said that she put herself under a surgeon’s knife. Of course most of the actresses that improved themselves over the years don’t like to say it out loud. It’s their little secret after all. Still Jennifer doesn’t show any signs of plastic surgery, no scars and no signs of any side effects which makes it even harder to identify the truth.


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