Homemade Remedy For Curing Sunburn

Be prepared for the long Summer days with the sun scorching on us. Either you are outside or at a beach; it is common that you will get sunburn. While some people are lucky enough to only get their skin tanned, others are suffering from painful sunburn. If you are one of those people that get sunburn marks, then you must apply sunscreens. But sometimes you will forget, and that is when the sun hits you.

Sometimes it happens like me, I had some work outdoors under the open sky. The sun was not the issue as the day was beautiful with cool breeze. I was not concerned about the sun or heat at all. But as the day ended and my work finished, I realized how much the sun had really affected my skin. So in order to cure the sunburn, I applied the homemade remedy that I saw my friends using before.  Guess what? It worked like a charm for relieving my pain.

This sunburn remedy is natural and works very well for treating the skin. There are many healthcare products you can find in the market for treating sunburn, but this homemade remedy works just as fine. The recipe consists of few items and can be made and applied very easily at home.



  • Spray Bottle or Bowl & Washcloth

That’s it; you only need these two ingredients and a container for this remedy.


Pain Relief (Method 1)

Measure ¼ cup of ACV and pour it in a spray bottle. Next, add cold water, exactly one cup, in the bottle with ACV. Mix the ACV and water by shaking the bottle. Slowly spray the mixture on your sunburned area. Wait for the sprayed mixture to dry (it’ll take a few minutes). This will help in relieving pain.

Pain Relief (Method 2)

This method involves the use of a bowl instead of the spray bottle. Mix the ACV and cold water in a bowl and apply the mixture on your sunburned area with a clean washcloth gently.

Healing Process

Wait for the applied mixture to dry then gently apply coconut oil on your sunburned area. The oil will start to melt once you rub it on your skin, so keep a towel close to wash off the drops. Let the oil stay on for the whole night and see your skin treated in the morning.

Tips: Cover yourself with a cloth if you don’t want the oil to ruin the bed sheet.

Note: The time taken for the sunburn to go away depends upon the healing power of your body. If your body is badly burnt by the sun, then it may take some days for the marks to go.

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