Cellulite Treatment Solution

Cellulite Treatment Solution

Treatments for Reducing Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition faced by almost 85% women and hardly appears in men. It is not specific that who will get affected by it and why? You can be an active person and have cellulite, or you don’t even move and still have it. It is such a common condition, but there are not any real cures for it.

What Causes Cellulite To Develop?

No one actually knows the main reason, but doctors say that circulation under the skin slows down which swells fat cells. The elastic collagen bands that keep the fat in place weaken or stretch from the stress, which spill the fat under the skin. This gives the skin a lumpy appearance.

Cellulite can develop on arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks. You can hear many things about how it can be removed, but the results are not permanent or effective for everyone. However, there are many methods which can reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it is only temporary and doesn’t end the cause. Many tend to find expensive products that guarantees to reduce cellulite, but they only work as long as you are using the product… stop and you will go back to your previous condition. If you are obese or not very active then you should not go for them. Instead, concentrate on your exercise, but if you are active and are tired of this condition then there are few treatments you can apply that can help you in reducing cellulite appearance.

The Super Massage: Endermologie

This method involves using a vacuum like hand piece. A technician rolls it on your backside. Its motorized rollers and suction pull up your skin giving a massage at deep-tissue level. Doctors believe that this method temporarily swells the skin shadowing the cellulite appearance. It also helps the circulation below the skin and clear fluids.

Is it effective?

This treatment is said to work as long as you are using it to disguise cellulite. Once you stop you will start returning to your original condition. Independent research relating this method has shown different results. Some consider it to work while others not. Women mostly start developing the cellulite after one month they stop using it. Klaudia Baucom, 47, says that this treatment has motivated her to continue exercising. It has made her cellulite smoother.


This treatment is not as good as the long lasting laser treatment, but it works in leveling the cellulite to disguise its appearance. It is also cheap compared to other techniques. It will cost your approximately $1,600 a year.

SPA Smoothing: Ionithermie

This treatment involves covering your cellulite affected areas with clay mask with wires attached to it and then transmit electric current into them. This treatment reduces the size of your butt and thighs and makes your skin look smoother. But this effect is temporary, once you start to get rehydrated, your butt and thighs will return to original shape in 12 – 18 hours. The company claims its effect can last even longer.

Is it effective?

There is no independent research published relating this treatment, so it is not possible to give a valid answer. However, in some reviews people have given negative reviews for it.


It is good if you want quick results and need to disguise your cellulite for a day. Otherwise don’t use this treatment, it will cost you $125 – $150 each session.

Cool Laser: Triactive

This treatment is done with a hand piece massaging the skin. The device then sends infrared energy below the skin. As mentioned, the overstretched bands in the skin cause fat to pop out and fill the area between the band and the skin. The infrared energy send from the device heats the bands and collagen making them tight and contract again. It may also make fat cells release extra fluid. Doctors say that TriActive starts circulation under the skin to move excessive fluid, or it pushes the leaked fat cells back into their place.

This treatment makes you feel like you are massaged with an icy suction. Although it can cause bruising, but cases of it rarely occurs. Some experts says that this treatment is much more effective than Endermologie.

Is It effective?

Many people have given positive reviews relating this treatment. A study published by Dr. Katz shows that sixteen treatments in total eight weeks reduced the cellulite of 8 participants out of 10. Women were satisfied with this treatment; the study showed they reduced 25% or less cellulite.

Kristi Rook, 33, took 16 treatments in eight weeks period, twice each week. She got positive results even after 5 months of no treatments.


This treatment works very well and compared with the two above, it is more effective. It showed that even after months, the cellulite did not returned to original condition. This treatment will cost your almost $2,400 a year, including initial 16 treatments and maintenance treatments after that.

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The Newest Laser: Velasmooth

This treatments works just like TriActive, but it is much better. Along with the infrared energy, it provides radio frequency energy. This increment in the energy heats the skin more, tightening the bands and collagen even better. The fat cells break up at fast rate. Doctors say that it increases the chance of smoothing the skin as compared to TriActive. The heat will leave red marks on your body, but they will disappear after an hour.

Is it effective?

18 out of 20 participants who took 8 treatments in a month (twice a week) improved their cellulite affected skin by 50%. Six months after the treatment, the cellulite reappeared only at low extent. This study makes it slightly better and long lasting than TriActive.


If you look at all the treatments for cellulite, you will find Velasmooth is the most effective and provide better lasting results. It costs around $2,700 a year.

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