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In Asian countries women have longer lifespan and good health because of their traditional diet. How effective this traditional diet is can be clearly seen by knowing that over 50,000 centenarians are found in Japan and there are low rates of breast cancer in China. The credit can be given to the homegrown ingredients they use to keep themselves healthy from the inside and good looking from the outside.

Traditions are not limited to any one area and women in North America are already taking advantage of many of these traditional ingredients. North Americans are using the traditions of Asian countries for centuries like drinking tea, eating varieties of fruits and vegetables, massage etc. Green tea and coconut are used in most skin care products nowadays which show the use of Asia’s rich traditions. You can also find these traditional products lying in your kitchen.

Here are nine Asian secret for your skincare

Rice water for skin

Rice contains antioxidants such as vitamin E. When you cook it, much of it ends up in the water. So when you cook rice don’t throw the water away, but let it cool down and then wash your skin with it. This will make your skin soft. Take advantage of this inexpensive method to smooth your skin. Many costly skin-care products use the same ingredients you use through this method.

Power of coconut oil

Coconuts are eaten raw and they are used in many Thai dishes. Coconuts also give oil which is used in many beauty products. Coconut oil remains solid at room temperature and is very good for skin when applied as a moisturizer. It is also use on hair to make it healthier and shiny.

Goji berries

It is a belief in Chinese Traditional Medicine that the health of the skin determines the amount of heat present in the blood. Wolfberries or known as goji berries in North America helps to nourish blood and liver, which gives a healthier skin. Goji berries also contain beta carotene and vitamin C.

Tissue masks

Tissue masks are popular in Korea and Japan, but they are not common in North America. Tissue masks or sheet masks come in a single piece so they can be easily applied. You just need to unfold and apply the mask. Many of these masks carry anti-aging ingredients, some of which are latest addition to the skin care field and are available for all skin types. Garnier’s Dark Spot Treatment Mask is one like these which contains vitamin C and hydrates skin for a whole day.

Applying matcha on the skin

Japanese tea ceremony is a traditional way of Japan which centres on preparation and serving of Matcha. Powdered green tea is called Matcha. It has antioxidants that help your body in many ways when you drink it, and it keeps your skin healthy. You can also directly apply it on your skin to treat acne and increase skin’s brightness. You can find matcha or green tea in many skin care products.

Coffee grounds

Coffee ground is a natural yet powerful exfoliant which is used by Indonesian women for years. Most skin tightening products use caffeine. Caffeic acid present in coffee is anti-inflammatory and can increase collagen production. This ingredient has great smell. You can use the leftover coffee grounds or use a product which includes them.

Oil cleansing

Oil cleansers have now become known in this side of the world, but Shu Uemura (Japanese brand) is making them for decades. You can improve your skin texture and fight breakouts by cleansing your skin with oil. According to the brand’s founder, oil cleansing proves to be an effective and gentle way for cleansing the skin.

Use mint on dark spots

One natural way to remove the dark spots from your skin is by using mint. Sun can damage your skin leaving dark spots; grind the mint leaves to make paste then apply it on your face as a mask and leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off. For best results, apply this mask daily. However, be cautious if your skin is sensitive.

Bird poop on skin

This one is little different, but Japanese geishas have used dried nightingale droppings for centuries on their skin. It is rumored to make skin brighter and soft. You can find these costly facials at spas across North America. Next time a bird poops on you, you can take it as good luck or not.

Kelp and seaweed

Kelp and seaweed are consumed in China and Japan because of the amount of concentrated nutrients they have. Even Imperial courtesan in China had used them as natural exfoliants to remove their dead skin cells. You can mix and grind kelp and seaweed in a blender to make your homemade gel mask. Also, you can use aloe vera gel which is great for skin.

Amla oil

Amla oil also known as gooseberry oil contains good amount of vitamin C which is an effective antioxidant. Women in India have been using amla oil for centuries. Amla oil when applies on hair and scalp can make hair stronger, thicker and stops hair loss. Apply it daily on your hair.

Fibre mascaras

Fibre mascaras work great for your eyes. Rather than just making your eye lashes look bigger, these mascaras attach fibres to your lashes to increase their length. Fibre mascaras were originated in Japan and now brands such as Maybelline are providing them in North America. Fibre mascaras are easy to apply, and to remove you don’t have to use eye makeup remover, use warm water and wipe it gently.


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