Fibre Rich Diet

You might have heard a lot about antioxidants and how it helps the people in preserving their youthful complexion, but not many people know about the benefits of fibre. Fibre can do a lot for your health, and can help you with your looks in many ways. Here are these nutrient’s five benefits.

It gives you whiter and healthier teeth

Fruits are rich with fibre and one good fruit is apple. While it is so good for your health, it also helps your teeth making them whiter and healthier. An apple contains 4.4 grams of fibre when eaten whole. When you bite an apple, it increases the production of saliva in your mouth, which decreases levels of bacteria resulting in less tooth decay. So when you say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, you can also say it keeps the dentist away.

It is good for controlling your weight

Losing weight and maintaining your ideal weight both are a challenging task. Including fibre in your diet can help you with these tasks. Food that contains fibre makes you feel full along with providing you with necessary energy. When you eat fibre-rich foods, you feel full quickly which prevents you from eating more. This enables you to lose weight without keeping you away from eating. Also, it doesn’t make you weak meaning you don’t have to sacrifice health to maintain or lose your weight.

It is good to maintain belly size

Bloated belly is one big enemy of your fine looks. Looks or not, it should be your first concern to counter this problem. Luckily many things can help you in countering it; one of which is fibre. Include fibre-rich foods in your diet like whole wheat pasta to flat that bloated belly. It is one healthy way to counter this problem, but only if taken in proper amount. Too much of fibre can increase your bloated belly, so start slowly with its intake to make sure it helps you in positive way.

It helps your mood

One thing you might suffer is sudden change of mood because of change in sugar level in your body. Add fibre to your diet to counter this problem. Fibre keeps you rested and brings ease to your blood. This reduces the amount of ups and lows in sugar levels in your blood, which keeps you focused, reasonable and level-headed.

It is beneficial for your skin

While drinking water keeps your body hydrated resulting in fresh skin, consuming fibre rich foods keep your skin clear. Fibre flushes out toxins from your body. Inflammatory toxins can cause breakouts and rashes; it can also cause congestion in your complexion. A healthy digestive system will help your body to get rid of harmful toxins. More high fiber foods here.

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