Wine For Health

Good news for people who drink wine. According to a new research, drinking a glass of red or white wine while having dinner can be beneficial for your health. The research was put forward at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona. If you drink wine in moderate amount and combine it with exercise on regular basis then it can help you against heart diseases.

Researchers from Czech took 146 participants for the research. These people had mild to moderate heart disease risk. Half of the participants were told to drink white wine and other half were told to drink red wine for one year. Men were told that they can have 2 to 2½ glass of wine each day. The women were told that they can drink 1 or 2 glass of wine per day.

Throughout the one year study period, participants wrote down their physical activity, diet and alcohol consumption in a journal.

The results showed that participants that exercised two times each week and drank wine had higher levels of good cholesterol and decrease in total cholesterol. The results were same for participants drinking white and red wine. However, participants lacking in physical activity had no effects on their health.

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